A time tested flooring material, vinyl is durable, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly. In addition to helping you choose the right vinyl material for your space, Kelowna Floors offers a variety of installation methods, which do play into product selection.

Vinyl Sheet

A time tested classic, sheet vinyl has been a popular choice for years. Budget-friendly and water-resistant, sheet vinyl is a classic floor material for many spaces.

Glue-Down Vinyl Installation

For longer-lasting vinyl installations, the team at Kelowna Floors offers glue-down vinyl installation. The uses an adhesive to adhere vinyl flooring to the base of your space. 

At Kelowna Floods we work with two distinct types of adhesives: hard set and pressure sensitive.

Loose-Lay Vinyl

Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring is a variety of vinyl flooring that is loosely laid on top of the subfloor of a space. Loose lay vinyl has a quick installation process, ideal for time-sensitive flooring projects.

Click Vinyl (SPC, Rigid Core, WPC)

Click Vinyl Flooring is a versatile plank and tile flooring option. Similar to loose-lay vinyl, the click vinyl installation process is quick and clean.  Flooring is installed by snapping planks/tiles into place.

Click Vinyl is a waterproof flooring option, and can be installed in a wide variety of spaces. Bathrooms, mud-rooms and entryways are all great spaces for click vinyl flooring.

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