For a durable, waterproof, lifetime application available in limitless colors, decors, finishes, and styles – tile will never let you down! Wood-look, stone, glass, mosaics, shapes, colors – you name it, there’s a tile that looks like it!

Ceramic or Porcelain?

It’s a common debate: which is better and what is the difference? Well, technically, nothing! And no, porcelain does NOT necessarily mean the color goes all the way through – but it can. There’s a better way to classify tile, and that’s by it’s porosity. Any made-made tile product (not stone or glass) is considered “ceramic” – then it’s determined whether the tile product is Porcelain or Non-Porcelain. 

Where is tile made?

One of the world’s biggest producers of tile is China. China was the first country in the world to make porcelain tiles. When purchasing from within North America, note the supplier and determine their credibility. European countries such as Italy, Spain and Turkey are well known for their quality tiles. India is also a large-scale world-wide tile producer. To help you find the best quality tile for your budget, the team at Kelowna Floors can advise on producers, materials, and product selection.


When compared with other flooring materials (eg. vinyl), tile is generally more expensive per square foot and per installation. This is because of there is a significant amount of prep, materials (thinset, grout, contour edge etc.), installation machines (eg. wet saws), time to install, and precision necessary to complete a functional and beautiful tile installation. 

Tile Installation

Considering installation, sometimes a higher quality tile (harder) is more difficult to work with because it’s harder to cut and an installer could go through more saw blades. Tile installation is a very technical procedure, and because tile is a “concrete” installation (not easy to remove), it’s imperative that it’s done right the first time.

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